Q: How do I pay for my portrait session/wedding?

A: Upon booking your session date with me, there is a non-refundable down-payment due immediately. The balance for portrait sessions is due on the day of your shoot. Wedding clients must pay their balance 30 days prior to the wedding date. Sales tax will be added if applicable.

Q: So...how does this portrait session work?

A: I assess with the client, whether they are interested in an urban, or a nature shoot, or something different....or both! For a full portrait session we will typically go to several locations, and I ask you to bring several outfits. Although I do not set a specific time limit on portrait sessions, they typically last one to two hours.


Q: What should we wear?

A:  I am a huge proponent of color! Colors pop out of the image, whether  you are in the woods, on the beach, or on a brick wall. I am not a fan of matching shirts (ie, alll subjects in white t-shirts and jeans). I feel that we can get a lot more creative than that at your shoot. For certain types of shoots (exp. couples shoot) I may recommend a romantic outfit, and a casual one, but in the end, you have to feel good in what you are wearing .

Q: When will my images be completed?

A: I usually try to post previews within 48 hours of a portrait session or a wedding. For a portrait session, images are usually processed and complete in approximately one month. For weddings images are usually processed and complete in approximately 2 to 3 months. Local clients will have the option to pick up their product, or obtain them through a digital download. Clients who are out of state or not local to eastern NC, will receive their product via postal mail or if they choose, through digital download.