Little Miss Sunshine

It has been a while, since i have blogged. The summer and fall were so busy! Now that things have been winding down (for a very short time haha!) It's time for me to catch up on my Mermaid Blog!

I have been having a lot of fun with my "Winter Mermaids". One such mermaid , I call "Little Miss Sunshine".

Her name is Paisley Mae,  and her smiles are brighter than the sun!! Her wonderful Aunt, brought her to me for her very first Mermaid session. We chose orange for this little pumpkin, to match her gorgeous strawberry blonde hair, and she looked fabulous!

Paisley has Downs Syndrome and has overcome many obstacles early on, her Aunt tells me. At six months old, she had open heart surgery to repair two holes and a leaking valve in her heart. Her Aunt Destinee tells me this is a common issue with down syndrome children.

Paisley's Aunt Destinee tells me, "She infects anyone she meets with her little ray of sunshine". that....was quite obvious from the moment I met Miss Paisley. This child had so many "happy" expressions within the hour I was with her, i could not count them all. She waved and smiled to everyone who passed us on the beach that day, infecting total strangers with her joy.

Destinee says Paisley is a little Diva and loves having her picture taken...yes she does!! She loves all music and starts dancing every time she hears a tune, and I am told, her "Grammy" is her favorite person ever!!

I'll be honest....that morning, was not the best morning for me, and the day got worse as it went along. When I met Paisley, it made my whole day. I came home and was viewing all the images from her shoot, and could not help but smile at each one. She is definitely, Little Miss Sunshine.